Stop Canadian Change

Stop Canadian Change is a movement sweeping the U.S of A in an attempt to rid the States from “the scourge” of Canadian coins. The webmaster is collecting Canadian money which he claims “Once we’ve accumulated $2000.00 in Canadian “money,” we’ll dispatch a delegation to the Canadian capital – whatever that may be, even if it’s an igloo or a giant hollowed-out walrus tusk, or whatnot – and sit down with their finance minister for a frank talk about keeping Canadian change where it belongs: in jars. Canadian jars.
I love it. If I was American and had a couple of Canadian coins I’d send them his way. I realize that he is probably just going to take the money and cash it (though cashing coins isn’t very easy unless your in the country the coins originate in). Smart idea though 🙂
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  1. Even in LA I occassionally get Canadian coins (though I hear it’s much more prevalent in the northern states) – mostly pennies and dimes. Usually you can pass them off as US coins since no one really checks.
    But I imagine there is all kinds of American money floating around Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, etc.. Just part of sharing such a large border.
    Oddly enough though, I have only once received a piece of Mexican currency in change. But I haven’t seen the coins since they changed to the new peso about 10 years ago, so maybe the sizes don’t match anymore or something…

  2. You mean Canadians have a form of currency? No way! Been making leaps and bounds lately now haven’t they? 😉
    Just kiddig of course, I love Canadians, eh. And even all the way down here in Louisiana I have gotten Canadian “pennies” (quotations because I dont’ know if that is what they call them and because that is what I pass them off as). However, I also have never gotten any Mexican currency. Hmmm, interesting.