Stuck at Work

I’m currently stuck at work. I can’t go home. Why? Because all of the roads surrounding Stratford are closed due to the weather. The winds have been whipping around all day, which means that any snow on the ground is being whipped around and thrown onto the roads. When snow is on the road driving is not fun.
I really wish I would have listened to Firda this morning when she said “you should work from home”.
I’m keeping up-to-date on the road conditions (to see if they open). I’ll give it until 8:30 or 9:00 and then maybe head over to either my bosses or co-workers place to wait it out or spend the night. I have plenty of work to do so I’ve got things to do. Firda is also keeping me company through the Gmail chat, so I’m not all alone 🙂
I don’t like being stuck in Stratford.

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  1. Hope you made it home safely by now!

  2. Hed: I never made it home. I spent the night at a co-workers. Though the roads are open, the sun is shining and the snow is being plowed. I’m thinking of heading home around noon today.

  3. Oh, that sucks! But at least you get to go home early today.