Sunday Sunday – La da la da da da!

Hello all. Sunday night. It came too quickly. I love the weekends. I hate the Monday. 🙂 Not that anyone really enjoys Monday.
It was a busy weekend. The weather was beautiful for most of the weekend, so Firda and I tried to get our as much as we could. Saturday we went hiking/walking/picture taking on the Niagara Escarpment. We did the “walk” around Crawford Lake, went into Milton to check out a couple of thrift shops, then out to Hilton Falls. The walk around Crawford Lake was a nice boardwalk walk, with lots and lots of screaming children. I didn’t mind the kids since half the time they caused me to giggle, though they did kind of kill the serenity of the park. It’s to be expected on the first really spring like day of the year.
The falls were even nicer. We hiked out to the falls (an hour hike), and were greeted by a warm fire. Firda took a bunch of pictures and then we hung out at the fire for a while before heading back to the car.
Sunday was spent travelling around. We went down to Burlington to hit a flea markets and a couple more thrift shops. We found a couple of camera deals over the weekend. I’m sure Firda will fill in all the details on her blog 🙂
Now time to go.

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  1. That sounds great! We had a sunny weekend as well, I can’t wait until the snow melts away!

  2. sounds like a nice time!