Teeth Extraction == Mouth Molestation

Another trip to the dentist, another couple days of grumpy Troy. Today I got my permanent crown on the one tooth (not requiring any freezing), and one wisdom tooth extracted (requiring copious amounts of freezing). I was suppose to get two wisdom teeth extracted, but the one that was chipped a little more than a month ago is impossible extract without a specialist doing it. So I need to set up a meeting with the specialist, and then get all the rest of my wisdom teeth extracted. I figure I might as well get it all done at one time. That way I’ll be put under (hopefully) and will only have the pain after to remember the experience.
So the one tooth that was extracted was a stubborn little bastard. Long roots plus a little curve in one of the roots. Not much fun. And I think the dentist rubbed the left side of my lips raw.
Currently the freezing is still going strong, and I’m waiting for the bleeding to stop. I have Tylenol-3 and some kind of antibiotic. A perscription from the dentist. Once the bleeding stops I will take my first antibiotic.
It looks like it will be a fun filled weekend of me laying around dealing with the pain, or being high on Codine. Yipee!

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  1. OW! You know, the last time I went to the dentist for anything major, I sent a company-wide e-mail telling people to e-mail me with whatever they might need at the time, explaining that I had novocaine face. Big mistake. Biiiiig mistake! Everyone, of course, wanted to see what that looked like, and one of my co-workers took a picture! I was not very amused.

  2. I happened to stumble upon this site while googling how long my freezing is going to last. I just have 3 wisdom teeth extracted. And I’m being a big baby. I can’t wait to unfreeze and eat!! Hope you recover well too. 😛

  3. Kendra: I can’t imagine having 3 removed at one time. I’m in a fair amount of localized pain (my jaw) and the Tylenol 3 isn’t doing much for me. Other than making me sleepy. And from what I can tell it’s been about 6 hours and the hole is still bleeding. Yipee! Though I guess it can bleed for up to 24 hours. Get well soon my fellow extractee.
    Hed: The freezing is gone so no more novacaine face, but the one side of my mouth is all scrapped up from the wiggling and pulling. Though I don’t feel pain from that.

  4. Codeine rules. I wish that I could buy it in six-packs at the grocery store.
    Feel better. 🙂

  5. Dave: For some reason works a little on me but not much. It does make me sleepy though. I think I might switch over to Advil next round to see if it helps. Or maybe I’ll just stick with the Codeine and see if it helps me sleep tonight.

  6. kendra

    Thanks for the sympathy! 12hrs later the freezing wore off, was actually able to swallow the t3 instead of having them dissolve in my mouth and I’m feeling so much better. Still going to milk it for all it’s worth of course…just need that little bell to ring when I need something…lol.
    How many more days of recovery??….
    From one Chipmunk Face to another

  7. Kendra: Recovery time depends on how much struggle they put into pulling your teeth. From what I understand swelling is suppose to peak at around 48 hours and then go down from there. Bruising disappears in a week or so (I have a little bit of bruising on my mouth). The T3s are actually doing there work now, which is a good thing. Every 4 hours. Plus I’m on Amoxicil, an antibiotic, which I was told to take until they are gone meaning for about 7 days.
    I feel good right now. Though sleep last night was a little weird since I slept in a sitting position and woke up every hour or two.
    My dentist called this morning to make sure everything was fine and that the pain hadn’t increased or anything. He mentioned to start rinsing with lukewarm salt water at the 24 hours mark and to do it as often as possible, though I don’t think you are suppose to do it vigorously since you don’t want to dislodge the current blot clot.
    Wow. Long reply. Hope your feeling good today. And get some yogurt or something into you 🙂

  8. Sorry to hear the extraction was such a hassle. 🙁 I hope you’re feeling better!

  9. Sure, no one really looks forward to a dental visit, but, think what this world would be like without dentists!
    Yeah, Yeah..I know..but, I’m a dentist!