Ten Phrases I Hope To Say Someday

Well since I am not living up to my responsibilites of posting interesting entries I figured I would steal a Meme that Dave did.
Ten Phrases I Hope To Say Someday…
1. I won the lottery!!! Hooey Zooey!!
2. They’ve discovered a cure for cancer. Finally!
3. Dubya choked to death while eating ice cream. Finally!
4. Hey Firda, do you want to teleport to Jakarta for dinner tonight?
5. Welcome to Earth my alien friend Zoolooboogoo!
6. Remember when we were worried about the environment? I’m glad we solved that problem.
7. Firda and I are thinking of going to Mars for our summer vacation.
8. I can’t believe I won Blogger of the Year. Ten years in a row. (yeah whatever!!)
9. You want to pay me 1 million dollars a year for doing whatever I want! Sweet!
10. Wow, what an amazing ride! [I would like this to be my last words] 🙂
This was actually harder than it seemed.

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  1. You know Zoolooboogoo too?!?