The Buck and Doe

How was everyone’s turkey weekend? Sadly I never had any turkey or ham or chicken or really any official Thanksgiving dinner at all. My family was way too busy this weekend – before Saturday night with my brothers buck and doe, and after Saturday with resting because of how tired we were after the buck and doe. A buck and doe is apparently a rural Ontario get together of friends and family, where everyone drinks excessively and all of the proceeds (minus the cost of the function) go to the bride and groom.
Traditionally there are games to play and prizes to be won at the buck and doe. The games we had set up were: pay 5 dollars to pick a card from a board with 50 cards glued on it – if you bought the Joker you win 100 dollars, there were two gambling wheels, a “guess how many M&Ms there are in the jar game”, a toonie (the slang name for the Canadian 2 dollar coin) toss for a Texas Mickey of alcohol (a really large bottle of rye!) and my brothers “Extreme MakeOver” (basically we asked people to give us money – if we reached 150 dollars he would wear a dress, if we reached 200 dollars he would wear the dress, a wig, makeup and a feather boa – we made 200 dollars in about 15 minutes). We also had a silent raffle (with 13 prizes – you could buy an arms length of tickets for $5 or both arms from tip to tip for $10 then you took your tickets and dropped them into the prize bucket you want), about 30 door prizes (which you could win just by being at the buck and doe) and a big raffle (1st prize: 27″ TV, 2nd prize: bar fridge full of beer, 3rd prize: a CD stand with the Milli Vanilli CD).
At the end of the night my brother and his fiancee walked away with just under 3000 dollars in profit (after taking care of all the costs associated with putting on the buck and doe). It was a good night. Though I’m still recovering from that night. The rest of the weekend was rather nice and relaxing. I went to the local fair on Saturday (with Joe, SMooSH and Loba), hung out with a bunch of friends at SMooSH’s parents place (where he was dog sitting) that night and then went and visited my grandparents on Sunday.
I’m just glad it’s a short week. I’m also excited about Firda returning to Canada!!! I can’t wait!!! I’m taking next Monday off since she gets into Toronto close to 10:30 at night and I’d like to spend at least one full day with her before I have to go back to work.
Okay. This was a long entry. Hope everyone is well. Write more soon.

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  1. Laura

    I just figured I shouldn’t tell people about your new job, without your permission of course Dwayne.