The Combo of the Beast



When you go to the local Wendy’s and order a Big Bacon Combo (burger, fries and drink) the total comes to $6.66. If that isn’t the combo of the beast I don’t know what is.

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  1. Hed

    Can’t help but wonder if that’s a subtle halloween promotion on Wendys’ part.
    Just a thought.

  2. Dave2

    I’m more scared by Burger King’s “Enormous Omelet Sandwich” – which is most certainly the breakfast of death. As in the death of anybody foolish enough to eat it expecting nothing more than fat, cholesterol, and empty calories.

  3. Troy

    Hed: Nah. I’ve noticed it before. I just never thought to post about it.
    Dave: I don’t think we have those up here. The sounds curiously entertaining. So much so that I might have to try one the next time I’m in the states (though only one).

  4. SMooSH

    I’ve noticed that too, as it be my favourite combo…