The Many Tongues of Canada

Firda pointed out and taught me a lot of things during her Canadian visit but the one of the things that really stuck in my head is her observation that it’s difficult to eavesdrop in Canada because no one speaks English. Up to this point I had never really noticed the large number of non-English speaking persons who live or visit this country but during the trips Firda and I took I became more aware of this fact.
Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think this is a bad thing. I love that Canada is so multi-cultural. So much so that people don’t feel the necessity to speak English in public. I also like to try and figure out what language is being spoken and if possible try to emulate the accent (I like accents). I believe that this multi-cultural aspect makes Canada one of the greatest countries in the world and also makes for an interesting people watching/listening experience.

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  1. That is why I don’t understand why Canada’s second language is French. I never hear French being spoken but I sure hear Portugese, Spanish, or Chinese.
    Go figure.