The Meme Post After the Wedding

Neil started a meme using the BlogIdeas site. Basically go to blog sites, pick five questions at random and answer them. Here are mine:
1. 3 things on my desk that I adore.
I’m at work. There isn’t much on my desk that I adore. I really need to bring a picture of Firda and I in. Though I do adore the food I’m eating 🙂
2. How do you feel about being naked?
Being naked in the public isn’t all that exciting to me. Being naked with someone you love is always a good time. Being naked by yourself is rather liberating (though I don’t usually do that).
3. Do you want to have children?
I do and Firda does as well. Ideally I would like to have one or two. Though sometimes I wonder if we should bring a children into this kind of world. Though I really would love to be a dad some day. If we can’t have our own (through some twist of fate) I’d like to adopt.
4. 5 things about your hometown.
(i) My hometown is not really a town, but a hamlet.
(ii) The name of the hamlet is Wilsonville.
(iii) We have a church, feed mill, pond, ducks and use to have a general store.
(iv) The hometown is 2 hours away from Toronto, the largest city in Ontario.
(v) We moved to Wilsonville when I was in Grade 2. I still consider it home.
5. What makes you laugh?
I’m not much of a vocal laugher. I tend to chuckle internally. Though Firda makes me laugh all the time. We are so silly together. We are afraid that we are making each other dumber. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is true.

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