The One In Which The Tire Is Flat

I woke up this morning (as I always do) just before 7 am (as I do on weekdays) and I had a shower and grabbed a banana before saying “have a good day” to Firda and heading out the door. I jumped into my car and backed out of my parking spot (as I usually like to do) and noticed a wobble in the motion of the car. I jumped out to see if something was wrong and realized that my back passenger side tire was completely flat and when I say completed flat it had nothing left in it.
So I thought “I’m a big strong guy – I’ll put the spare tire on” but as luck would have it the tire jack has apparently never been used so it was rusted and ceased. A little WD-40 did nothing to alleviate the problem so after struggling for around 10 minutes with the jack I went back into the apartment and called a tow truck. Thankfully I’m a member of the Canadian Tire auto club (which my parents get me and my brother every Christmas) so my tow to the nearest Canadian Tire (2 minutes from my apartment) and the tire change was absolutely free.
The only downside is I arrived at work two hours late. The upside is no one cares that I arrived late (though I did call and tell someone I was going to be late) and I’ll just take those two hours out of my stored overtime. Yipee!!!

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  1. Canadian Tire Auto Club. Sounds so… official. like I would actually be a little afraid of it. But hey, I’ve been getting creeped out by old lady pharmacists as of late, so I might be an unreliable source…

  2. Laura

    I once had to change all four of my tires, and ultimatly get new tires, over the course of three months.
    The first one was so hard. My first tire was completly flat, and so was my spare (I was glad I was parked in the drive way), that I had to take my dad’s car and buy the new tire, bring it back and put it on the car. It took me about an hour, because I wasn’t getting the car jacked high enough (who knew it had to look like it was tipping over before you could put the tire on?), and drive back and get a second tire put on and balanced.
    Then I drove over a nail a few months later and had to get the two back tires replaced. By this point I had a new spare, the non-flat tire from the front of the car, so I was able to change the tire and drive to the garage.
    My next goal is learning how to get out of paying insurance.