The Passion of the Christ

So I finally saw The Passion of the Christ and I have to say I was surprised. Number one it was the grossest movies I have ever seen – the flaying scene alone made me flinch about a dozen times. Number two – there were a couple added flashbacks that were pretty horrible such as Jesus invented a table where you use chairs for sitting to eat. Number three – the Jewish people were indeed portrayed in a bad light but so where the Roman, what we all have to remember is that this happened (if it happened) 2000 years ago, I’m sure races have changed considerably in 2000 years.
Now for those of you who’ve been reading my blog for a while you know I’m not a very big fan of organised religion (I don’t dislike it, it’s just that it doesn’t fit in with my view of the world and my life). This movie really wasn’t about religion. It was about the last 12 hours of Jesus life. It was also a little about his teachings and the kind of person he is theorised as being. Though I don’t necessarily agree with religion I do agree with the teachings of Jesus be him a prophet, the son of God or just a well-meaning confused person.
So in summary. Very gross, very violent though a good movie over all. Oh yeah one more thing. My favorite part (for laughs) was when the Devil asked Jesus “Who is your father?”. When I heard that line my brother and I simultaneouly said “Who’s your daddy?” to each other. I felt horns grow out of my head at that point. Heck. If you can’t make fun of religion (or Satan) what can you make fun of?

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  1. It wasn’t supposed to be about religion. It wasn’t supposed to be about his teachings. It was supposed to be about his crucifixion. It was supposed to be violent because that’s what a Roman crucifixion was like. So if you went into the film thinking it was going to be something other than what it was, that would be your fault.
    And I think you have more than secured your place in Hell.

  2. Interesting. Yeah, I think I’ll pass on this one… Thanks for the review.

  3. Chad: I knew it was about the torture and such leading up to his crucifixtion. I wasn’t expecting any more and any less.
    As well. If you can be condemned to hell for making a joke than I don’t want any part of that religion.
    By the way. Why does it sound like you are being defensive about this whole thing? You have a problem with people who can think for themselves and don’t necessarily have the same views as you?

  4. nice comment…..i will pass this on also….

  5. Hehe…I’ll be glad if Troy goes to hell. It’ll give me someone to talk to. 😉

  6. kimmie

    As a Christian I disagree with Chad on his first comment. The movie was made to show you what Jesus did for us. It was made to show you who he was and the love he has for his people. And by making a comment or having an opinion will not get you a place in hell. God has his own ways, you or no one else but him can say if somoene is going to hell. God is forgiving for everything and for you to say that about a comment makes me question how much you really know about God? There are people out there who are like Troy who question religon and God but the only thing we are responsible of doing is telling the word of God to them and let God take over. He will decide ho goes to hell and it takes more than 1 comment to get there.