The Past Three Weeks Part 1



Hello everyone. I apologize for the lack of posts – once again. I’m going to write about the last three weeks (specifically the weekends) but I don’t want to bore everyone with one gimungous (gigantic + humungous = gimungus) post so I’m going to split it into three posts.
The rest of this post is in the extended entry incase you don’t want to read about my weekends.

As I mentioned on my Jul 27th post I was getting read to head up to my cottage for the August civic holiday long weekend. I ended up taking two hours off on Thursday afternoon so Firda and I could get a head-start before the Toronto rush hour traffic started. We stopped in Huntsville for dinner, grocery shopping and some consumer whoring (shopping at Walmart – where I bought two of those folding camp chairs for 8 dollars each).
We arrived at the cottage around 10:30 or so and were greeted by SMooSH, his girlfriend Laura, and Mush (not her real name), Andy (Mush’s husband) and their 7 month old daughter Zo

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  1. Hed

    Wow. Sounds like quite an adventure. How big is that cottage?! Glad to hear your friend was able to be rescued and is on the mend. Breaking your leg in a remote area is never fun.

  2. Kirsi

    Well that sure was one interesting weekend! Wow. Glad to hear your friend is feeling better!

  3. k&n

    oh – even reading about it made us homesick!!! be seeing you soon…