The Past Three Weeks Part 1

Hello everyone. I apologize for the lack of posts – once again. I’m going to write about the last three weeks (specifically the weekends) but I don’t want to bore everyone with one gimungous (gigantic + humungous = gimungus) post so I’m going to split it into three posts.
The rest of this post is in the extended entry incase you don’t want to read about my weekends.

As I mentioned on my Jul 27th post I was getting read to head up to my cottage for the August civic holiday long weekend. I ended up taking two hours off on Thursday afternoon so Firda and I could get a head-start before the Toronto rush hour traffic started. We stopped in Huntsville for dinner, grocery shopping and some consumer whoring (shopping at Walmart – where I bought two of those folding camp chairs for 8 dollars each).
We arrived at the cottage around 10:30 or so and were greeted by SMooSH, his girlfriend Laura, and Mush (not her real name), Andy (Mush’s husband) and their 7 month old daughter Zo

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  1. Wow. Sounds like quite an adventure. How big is that cottage?! Glad to hear your friend was able to be rescued and is on the mend. Breaking your leg in a remote area is never fun.

  2. Well that sure was one interesting weekend! Wow. Glad to hear your friend is feeling better!

  3. k&n

    oh – even reading about it made us homesick!!! be seeing you soon…