The Season of Shopping

So the season of shopping has begun. The stores are filling up, people in the malls have started walking very very slow in a meandering fashion (designed to not allow you to pass them), gifts are being bought, horrendous christmas music is being piped into our subconcious mind. I think that all service personnel (in malls, stores etc) should be given a badge of honour at the end of the Christmas rush. I know I wouldn’t be able to handle so many grumpy, angry, tired people (without killing a few – which would likely reflect badly on the store I worked for).
So happy shopping to you, a little less than a month to go! I really need to figure out what to buy everyone.

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  1. I’m definitely not looking forward to our Christmas shopping. We have two days off after the Finnish Independence Day in the beginning of December, and we’ve decided to do our shopping then. We’re hoping to avoid the crowds, as many others will be at work then.