The Sevens Meme

The longest meme of all time!!! (in reality I think the Purity test or 100 things is probably the longest meme of all time). I was tagged originally by Neil (where there were only seven categories) and then by Kristen. It appears the meme has picked up a couple of extra categories too it.
Meme is in the extended entry for those of you who don’t care about these things 🙂

(1) Seven Things that Scare Me
i. Swimming in water when I don’t know what is below me.
ii. Being burglarised. Hasn’t happened, but it almost did (there is story, not too exciting though).
iii. Losing friends and loved ones.
iv. Getting stiches (I understand the necessity of stiches, doesn’t mean I need to like them).
v. Pandemics/Epidemics/Etcetera-demics. Ever seen “The Stand”? Creepy. 🙂
vi. Heights. I don’t get “freeze up” scared but don’t like them none the less.
vii. Burning or drowning to death.
(2) Seven Things I Like Most
i. Firda
ii. My family
iii. My friends
iv. Food
v. Video games
vi. Babies (they are so cute and gurgly)
vii. Animals (especially baby animals – unless they want to rip my throat out) 🙂
(3) Seven Important Things in my Room
Since my apartment is basically a room (three to be exact) I’m going to expand the scope of this category)
i. Firda again
ii. Computer
iii. Oven/Stove
iv. Fridge
v. Bed
vi. TV
vii. Videogaming systems (PS2, XBox, Gamecube)
(4) Seven Random Facts About Me
i. I’ve broken my left hand wrist (needing a full arm cast) and I think my right leg (needing a full leg cast).
ii. I have a scar on my forehead from falling onto the edge of a staircase banister when I was 4 years old. I can’t remember the number of stiches but it’s definitely not a small scar.
iii. I have a birthmark on my face under my right ear about 1/2″ in diameter.
iv. In general I am a quick learner, but sometimes it takes a long time for something to sink in. When the concept finally sinks in it comes to me like a “Eureka” moment, where everything falls into place. Fractions was one example of this, where I didn’t understand them for the longest time and then one day everything made sense.
v. The handles I’ve gone by during my online existence have been: Snowcat (during my BBSing days), Slick Jim (by my friends mostly during my early Internet days) and Forestpirate (which was something I came up with friends and used briefly on the web but mostly just for email addresses and for web domains as you can see).
vi. I was born in 1975, my dad was born in 1950, my grandfather was born in 1925 and my great-grandfather was born in 1900. I should have had a kid in 2000 to continue the cycle, I did not, thus breaking the chain.
vii. I have this uncanny ability to maximize packing space when transporting large quantities of stuff. It’s kind of like Tetris for me. My father has the same ability and since he is a packrat he needs it, to store all his crap!
(5) Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
i. Travel to the other side of the world: Having just married an Indonesian I’m sure I’ll make it to the other side sometime in the future.
ii. Have child(ren): Depends on the significant other though.
iii. Buy a house with a big library: Firda and I would love to buy a house, but financially that can not happen at the present. A large room to store all of my books is a must though.
iv. Win the Lottery: Firda and I started playing the Loto 649 a couple of months back. We’ve only won a couple of free tickets and a pitance of money. I just want a moderate win so I can pay off my credit cards.
v. Be a Grandfather: #2 has to happen first.
vi. Get Myself in Shape: It should be an easy thing to do but it really isn’t. I really wish I had more than 5 hours of free time a day (meaning time I’m not at work or drive to or from work). I also hate going to the gym. One day I hope to have a gym in the basement of house (see #3).
vii. Read all of the Books I Own: Not going to happen, but it’s a nice thought.
(6) Seven things I can do
i. Dance like an idiot and not care about it (a couple of drinks usually helps me get to this state).
ii. Patiently filter through piles of books, magazines, records, CDs, etc. looking for the provebial needle in a haystack.
iii. Go out to a bar with my friends and not have to drink to have a good time.
iv. Play video games for hours at a time (not necessarily a good thing but it is something I can do).
v. Rear several books at the same time (not simultaneously)
vi. Drive for 13 hours straight without getting overly tired.
vii. Tell you whether your industrial machine meets Canadian safety standards (it’s part of my job).
(7) Seven things I can not do
i. Update my weblog frequently.
ii. Eat cucumber (amongst other foods (including white rice).
iii. Understand why humans do the things they do.
iv. Get enough sleep to feel rested in the morning.
v. Believe that the movie Kangaroo Jack was a good idea
vi. Retire (at this very moment in time – still waiting to win the lottery)
vii. Think of a seventh witty thing I can’t do.
(8) Seven things that I find really attractive about the opposite sex
I don’t know if I can come up with seven things. I like an intellegent, funny, thoughful, sensitive women, which is what Firda is. I also like that she laughs at my stupid jokes, and that we can both be as idiotic as we like without thinking the other one is incurably mentally deficient.
(9) Seven things I say the most
i. Sweet ass candy!
ii. CooCool!
iii. Holy crap (in the way that Strongbad would say it)
iv. Oh Really? O’Reilly?
v. Rock and Roll Jesus
I can’t think of any more.
(10) Seven Celebrity Crushes
Not really crushes since I know I’d never have a chance with any of them – ever – in my lifetime – never!
i. Bjork
ii. Alyson Hannigan
iii. Kirsten Dunst
iv. Alexis Bledel
I better stop this one before Firda starts lambasting me. 🙂
(11) Seven Books I love
i. Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll)
ii. The Thief of Always (Clive Barker)
iii. Cat’s Cradle (Kurt Vonnegut)
iv. The Catcher in the Rye (J.D. Salinger)
v. Towing Jehovah (James Morrow)
vi. Whale Music (Paul Quarrington)
vii. The Monster at the End of This Book (with Grover)
(12) Seven people I would like to see take the quiz
I’m not going to tag anyone. The pressure to do this long long quiz is much to great 🙂 If you do want to do it go ahead, but leave me a comment letting me know so I can check it out.

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