The Weekend is Over and I’m Sick

Hello everybody!!!! So I’m still sick. I feel a little better than I did yesterday but my body feels completely drained of all energy and I’m still tired. At least I’m out of the house and that can’t be all bad.
So my weekend was good, since I didn’t really get sick until Monday. The weekend started off with my brother and I seeing the movie Mullholland Dr. on Friday, which I blogged about a couple of posts back.
On Saturday two friends from Toronto (Kathleen and Kevin) came to Waterloo for the Hayden concert that night. My housemate (Shawn) and I picked them up around 11:30 am at the bus station. We then went shopping, first for CDs and books and then for food at the Kitchener Farmers Market. After that it was back home for lunch. We stuffed ourselves with the goodness of the food we bought at the market. Since we had nothing else to do we ended up watching American Pie 2. If you liked the first one you’ll like this one. A lot of the same humour and there is a nice moral at the end of it.
For dinner we went to this chinese restaurant which was really good. I don’t remember the name but there were a lot of dishes to choose from and the food wasn’t overly greasy or fatty. Another friend (Preet) joined us for dinner.
The Hayden concert itself was great. His music tends to be rather low-key and can be kind of depressing but Hayden kept the show upbeat with his inbetween song banters. He kept the crowd laughing with his little ancedotes about malicious acupuncturists and a nun that he saw driving in a snowstorm just before the concert. His form of music is very moving and sometimes a little silly lyrically. Here is a review of the concert from a local newspaper. I agree with most of the comments made by the author of the article, though I’ve never really thought about comparing Hayden to Sinatra.

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