The Weekend

Another weekend comes to an end. I’m always saddened when Sunday evening comes around. As I’ve mentioned before I enjoy my job, though I don’t think I can think of anyone who enjoys their job more than their free time. I’m putting the weekend recap in the extended entry so I don’t bore you all.
Oh and anytime I mention Firda just imagine there is a link to her weblog like so: Firda. She says I’ve stopped linking to her. 🙂

It was a relatively calm and relaxing weekend at Casa Troy and Firda. Friday night was a total write off. Firda and I watched Joan of Arcadia (yes I know but I’ve been watching it from the beginning, though I think I watch it now to see the moments in the show when her parents get in a nasty fight, when Joan and Adam feel their relationship isn’t working and when Joan cries – it really could be the greatest drinking game of all time) and then I played Paper Mario 2 until the wee hours of the morning.
Saturday was a little bit more lively. Firda and I went out with my brother and sister-in-law. We started with a little food at a Vietnamese place in Cambridge. Firda had her favorite grilled chicken, rice and spring roll. My brother had a combination vermicelli dish with spring roll, BBQ’d pork, BBQ’d prawn and minced shrimps. My sister-in-law had a 5 piece dinner combo (with stirfried beef and vegetables as the main course). I had the vermicelli bowl with BBQ’d pork, BBQ’d prawn and spring roll. The coolest thing about the whole dinner were the BBQ’d prawn my brother and I got with our meal. The whole thing was served to us with everything still intact (legs, arms, eyes, mandibles, tail etc.) and we had to pull the meat out of it. It’s the first time either had done this. Firda helped out (and even ate some of the parts we weren’t going to touch).
Following dinner we went 5-pin bowling. Unless you’re Canadian, or have visited Canada you’ve probably never heard of 5-pin bowling. It’s a uniquely Canadian thing. We do have 10 pin bowling up here, and I actually enjoy it more. The rules are very similar to 10 pin, except there are 5 pins (instead of 10), you get to throw 3 balls per frame (instead of 2), and the pins are worth different points (middle is worth 5, the two on the otherside are worth 2 and the other two are worth 3). I dominated one game (out of four) and ended up with an astounding 187 points, which was the high score of the night.
We ended the night and my brother and sister-in-laws place and watched American Wedding, which was brainless fun as expected.
Sunday was spent sleeping in, relaxing, bought a rice cooker for Firda and went out for dinner again (since neither of us felt like cooking). We’ve also played copious rounds of frolf (frog golfing) in the game Ribbit King for the Gamecube. Firda has kicked my butt many many times.

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