The Winter

To me the winter season is the season when I would rather not get out of bed in the morning because I know it’s going to be cold and that I will have to clean/scrape the snow off my car. I really had that second part. Stupid winter! [I know it’s not officially winter but in my mind winter starts when the snow stays on the ground for longer than 24 hours]

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  1. Firda

    Oooh, snow!!!! I want!!!!

  2. Winter started for me when I saw a car slide into the intersection whilst trying to stop…

  3. I agree with Firda. 🙂
    I am one of the seeming few who love winter.

  4. That last comment wasn’t from me. Presumably Lucky7 posting from work. 🙂

  5. Grrr. Where is the sensor in the mouse that determines who is operating the computer and adjusts these things?
    Yeah, last post was by me.

  6. now i’m really confused

  7. I fixed the comment that was suppose to be Lucky7’s so it is his now. And I can understand the confusion.