This and that.

I have no really purpose for writing this entry other than letting you all know I’m alive and kicking. I haven’t been doing much for the past couple of days. I hope to get back the corrected rough copy of my thesis today so I can start fixing it up and making it presentable. Hopefully I can have that all done by Friday or Monday. I really hope there isn’t a lot of corrections that need to be done since I’m tired of my thesis. I just want it to be done. 🙂
I’ve also been watching 24 the television series with Keifer Sutherland. A friend who has it on DVD lent me the set but I’m only up to the 8th episode (8 am to 9 am) so don’t tell me anything about it. I really like the show. Quite interesting. Maybe I can have all of the episodes watched before the season premiere next Tuesday. I’m just afraid that they are going to talk about what happened in the last season so I don’t want to watch it before I’ve seen all of the first season. I guess I will have to tape it for a while.
This weekend I am going with SMooSH to see STOMP in Toronto. That should be really cool. I’ve always wanted to see the show so I’m pretty excited about that.
That’s all I have to say. I hope everyone is good and that life is well.

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  1. Firda

    Good to know that one of us has a plan for the weekend 🙂 STOMP sounds like fun.