One of my favorite things in the world happened this morning to me. I was laying in bed and woke up to a thunderstorm. It wasn’t a major storm but there was thunder. So I just snuggled further into my blankets and laid there in a half-conscious state listening to the storm and thinking how great it was that I could be doing that. Just laying there and not having to get up. Pure heaven 🙂

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  1. Anonymous

    The rain has started falling again here as well. I almost got my modem fried by a lightning yesterday. Still rain is cool. Rain makes Firda a happy girl 🙂

  2. I agree totally. Nature in excelsis. Yeah, baby.

  3. It’s starting to rain here in Singapore as well. What a relief because the weather was so hot for the past few weeks.

  4. It’s been raining here for two days. Thunder and lighting on and off – flood warnings all around. And I will love it untill we find water in our basement.

  5. Eeek! (in response to Nikki’s Boo) 🙂
    As for the others: I like rain a lot but not when it sticks around for weeks. And thunderstorms are good when I am trying to sleep but not when I am trying to watch TV or something because I always am afraid that the electronics are going to get fried by a lightning strike.
    There was a point in my life where I disliked rain so much that it caused a physical response in my stomach that made me feel like being sick. I lived in a house which was in a sort of valley, at least it was where all the water backed up during heavy rains and occasionally the water would flood our basement. And when I mean flood it was about a foot or two deep. Both times I was the only one of the basement occupants (oh I didn’t mention that my bedroom was in the basement did I?) so I was in charge of attempting to keep the water from destroying everything. Not fun. The problem was eventually fixed and the basement didn’t flood again so I learnt to love rain again.
    I should find a picture I have of the street outside of our house during the heavy rains. The water came over the sidewalks. Pretty cool 🙂

  6. Troy

    My roof has leakages so water will seep in through them when it’s raining, making puddles of water on my bedroom floor because there are more leakages than buckets in the house, but I love the rain nonetheless 🙂

  7. Firda

    I made similar mistake you made in your email some time ago and typed in your name instead of mine to the name field in the above comment. Doh! 89% similar, they said? 😉

  8. I was trying to figure out when I typed that comment 🙂 I guess I could change it but I think it’s funnier this way 🙂