Troy Update (Day 3)

It’s Firda again. Well, I wish I could say that I was so boring I couldn’t perk Troy up today but unfortunately not so. He wasn’t looking as good as yesterday. He was throwing up last night and this morning and was quite drowsy. And sweaty, too. I guess I was being too optimistic about his condition yesterday. I doubt he’d be released from the hospital soon. 🙁 The doctor thinks it’s normal, though. It does take longer to recover from a ruptured appendix than from a non-ruptured one. Anyway, the doctor said that if he’s feeling better tomorrow, they’ll give him food. Dude hasn’t eaten for days. 🙁 Though the doctor has already warned that food will make him feel nauseous. It’s like a vicious circle. And to think that his appendix ruptured while he was sitting around for hours in the emergency waiting room. I won’t even go into that. I’d better stop before this post got even more depressing. Just thought I’d keep you guys updated.

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  1. Wow! I hope all is well again soon!

  2. Thanks for the update – I hope he’ll start feeling better soon!