Troy Update (Day 5)

Troy just got a shot of painkiller when I arrived at the hospital so he was a little groggy. He’s off of the oxygen tube. He said he was feeling better. He shaved this morning. He was annoyed when I was annoying him so that’s a good sign. He had a couple of sips of chicken broth for dinner. On a scale of 1 to 10, he rated his pain 2 with the occasional 6-7. And he was being a pee factory. Other than that, nothing new. Still feeling bloated. Still having diarrhea, though he didn’t go to the toilet as often as yesterday. I told Troy that when this is all over, he’d be all slim and sexy. He immediately checked his double chin and then said, “Still there!” The good doctor told me not to get discouraged by his slow progress because ruptured appendix does take awhile to heal. He got another shot of painkiller shortly before I left.

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  1. Hi Firda and Troy,
    I came here quickly when I read that Firda going to hospital with you to read out about what happened.
    Hope you’ll recovered fully and back to your usual fit or better.
    Firda, keep those happy and funny situations everyday, it’ll make him in less pain. Bring him a Reader’s Digest magazine or Archie’s comic books, they are work for those boring in-patient. Or maybe Troy prefer DVDs and a DVD player or maybe PS2 or new PS3?
    Don’t pretend to be in a mood that make Firda run away to book PS3 for you 😀
    she’s been doing a hard houseworks. Firda, keep ur health okay?

  2. It sounds like he’s doing a bit better, yay!