TV Rules My Life

I just found out that this is a lot of the shows Firda and I watch start this week. I love new shows but sometimes I wish I didn’t watch so many shows. Sometimes it feels like TV runs my life. I’m not adverse to taping or downloading a show if I’ve missed it, though I’d rather watch it when it is on (since I’m already behind in like one series and need to watch the last season of a couple of shows that finished this year).
Oh well. I’ll deal with my TV addiction in good time 🙂

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  1. sharon

    it’s kinda the opposite for me. I really prefer curling up on a sat night with a big ol’ bag of salt n’ vinegar chips and catching up on a big box set of dvd series I’ve missed.
    I just bought the 3rd season box set of NOrthern Exposure.. i guess i wont be going out much anymore (which is good…saves money…for MORE boxsets!)

  2. the only show i watch each week is “house”. if you haven’t ever seen it, tune in.