Vancouver 2010

I type this 15 minutes before the 2010 Olympic closing ceremonies begins and I couldn’t be prouder of our athletes and my country!
These past two weeks of the winter Olympics have been the most memorable that I have ever witnessed. The Canadian athletes gave a phenomenal performance. Half way through the games everyone was wondering if we were even going to end up in the top 10 countries but our athletes stepped up and won medal after medal to end up 3rd overall.
With that 3rd place we have some honorable distinctions of being the country with the most gold medals (14) – this number actually means that Canada has historically won the most gold medals in this single winter olympics than any other country during a single winter olympics.
It was an amazing games and I’m saddened that it ends tonight.
Thank you British Columbia for hosting these Olympics. We know it didn’t go perfect but they are a games I won’t soon forget.
And thank you to the athletes from all countries. Even if you didn’t win a medal you are still winners for being world-class athletes! Keep skating, skiing, curling, luging, sledding, and everything else you do! Can’t wait for the next games

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