Vic Reeves

I recently read a book by a UK comedian named Vic Reeves. The book is called “Sunboiled Onions” and it is a fictitious month-long diary with various doodles and paintings kept by the author. Apparently Vic Reeves is quite famous in the UK but I had never heard of him before (and I really only bought the book because of the fun pictures in it). The humour is rather weird but it’s similar to my sense of humour. The following is the entry for January 15, 2000:

SunBoiled Onions Jan. 15th

Silly humour indeed! Plus there are two new words in that entry I’ve never heard before. Midden and Ricicles (though I still don’t understand exactly what type of cereal they are).

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  1. Holy Crap.
    You would probably like the “Adrian Mole” series then.

  2. Firda

    Yeah, I think you would. I’ve only read one book off of the series, i.e. “The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4”, and it was quite enjoyable. Actually, I didn’t read the rest of the series because I didn’t want to read his diary as an adult (I think 13 3/4 is the first of the series and he’s older in the other books of the series). Adults are boring 🙂

  3. The absolute best in the Adrian Mole series is “The Growing Pain of Adrian Mole”, the second installment. That is the time when he is, well, dealing with the teenage highs and lows.
    There are three parts after that I think, but it got much more boring. “Growing Pain” is definitely the funniest. But read “Secret Diary” first — you’ll get a much better idea of what it’s all about.

  4. a midden is not cereal! it is a dump for all the rubbish – sort of like a compost heap. only bigger and smellier.
    ricicles are pretty much just rice krispies with frosting. corn flakes -> frosties, rice krispies -> ricicles.

  5. Whoops. I guess I did make it sound like I thought midden was a cereal (though I know it’s a rubbish pile since I linked to the dictionary site about it). Stupid english language and the confusion! 🙂

  6. yeah, i know, i was just teasing you… i know you’re not stoopid :oP

  7. Chizza

    Christ! But you could only be an American.
    Moi Gawd!