WalMart and McBarfold’s

I was in Walmart yesterday (yes yes..I know..the bane of existence..I apologize) and decided to check out the electronics section (mainly the new DVDs and video games). As most of you know almost all Walmart’s have a McDonald’s in the building. That is why I found it funny that Walmart was selling “Supersize Me“, a documentary which basically says “McDonald’s is the devil” (not really but if you’ve seen it you know what I mean).
I also suspect that someone in the store had the same reaction to McDonald’s food that Morgan did the first time he ate a supersized meal since there was a little puddle of vomit on the ground in the bathroom. Definitely not the nicest thing in the world 🙂

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  1. Funny. That is bizarre.
    Dude, you have Wal-Mart? My efforts are slipping!