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Where in the holy book of western relgions does it say “Love Thy Neighbour unless they are of different race, sex, religion and/or don’t agree with your views and/or you just don’t like them and/or you are an uneducated self-righteous idiot”? A lot of people out there seem to think this way. There are a lot of bloggers who believe this way as well. Personally I think most bloggers are compassionate, well-educated, non-judgemental (unless we are bitching), good people. This view of the blogging community has been threatened by the increase in war blogs and “kill the muslims” blogs (as Firda calls them). One such blog is “Little Green Footballs” (which I’m not linking since I don’t think it deserves a link) where the blogger is so anti-muslim it makes me sick plus the comments that his posts get are pretty disgusting as well. What makes me even sicker is that this blog is in the finalists for the 2003 Bloggies in the best political weblog category. I swear if he wins my views about the blogging community (especially the American blogging community) will drastically change. They have already started.

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  1. Terry

    Little Green Footballs apparently ranks among some of the higher-up (big-time) bloggers but I try to avoid most rabid political blogs, as a rule, be they left or right.
    Come on now, who takes blog awards seriously except for serious bloggers who take themselves seriously because they only have serious things to say or serious things to link to? Gawd, I’ve seen some sites where every post is three words introducing a LINK. How profound is that? Can’t they write for themselves? Express their own opinion instead of regurgitating those of other pundits? Not to mention linking ad nauseam to other bloggers… Argh, don’t get me started!
    I enjoy your blog because it’s pretty much everyday life, and most of us lead everyday lives every day (don’t we?) and I leave the Big Stuff to others who have a Comments function (I don’t). Let them attract the trolls and flamers, I say. I shall stick to the safe stuff…

  2. Thanks for the kind words Terry.
    And I was talking with Firda about the Bloggies. There is this huge controversy going on about who was selected as finalists and such while it really doesn’t matter. Sure it would be nice to be nominated and win (since your blog might get a little more exposure) but outside of the blogging community it really doesn’t matter. Actually inside the blogging community it matters very little. At least to most people πŸ™‚

  3. Terry

    It matters little to people who have other things to do! I have read about the controversy and it all seems so silly to me. I was going to add something else but it slipped my mind and I’ve been sitting here for 5 minutes trying to remember what it was. Oh well… blog on!

  4. Firda

    But I want to win one of those damned blogging books, dammit!!! πŸ™‚ Actually, it’s the only reason I want to win. No one would buy me any of those books otherwise and I really don’t want to waste my money on a book about blogging (of all the things in the world). I don’t need a book to show me how to blog because it’s just silly, but I want to have a copy to laugh at!!! πŸ™‚

  5. what’s your site firda?? i’ll vote for you.

  6. Weblog Wannabe (in the Best Asian Weblog Category)

  7. Firda

    Thanks, Nikki πŸ™‚

  8. Terry

    I say, stay with the minor leagues and enjoy stress-free blogging. From what I read so far, the Bloggies engendered at least one major person going offline in a shadow of shame and recrimination, and some of the others being tainted by the stain of lobbyism/bias. Who needs this crap?
    I don’t… and to prove the point I never put my URL anywhere unless asked for it. So THERE! Ha.

  9. Just on a technical note, Terry, a lot of people consider blogs to be a completely different animal than an online journal.
    Weblogs are, apparently, supposed to be a collection of hyperlinked materials.
    Online journals are the more personal things that people really prefer to write. I think it’s sites like little.yellow.different and the other more personal (yet, originally weblogs) that got people really fired up on blogs.