Weblog Problem?

I was wondering if anyone else was having problems with my weblog remembering your information (name, email, website) when you type in a reply? I just realized it wasn’t saving the info for me. Let me know and I’ll get my team of weblog engineers on it.

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  1. Firda

    Yeah, I think there’s a problem with the cookie. Should be a piece of cake (cookie?) for your team of weblog engineers. You should introduce me to them sometime.

  2. Lets see if it remembers me…

  3. SMooSH


  4. Firda

    Does the cookie remember me now?

  5. Firda

    Er, I guess not.

  6. Firda

    Remember me now?

  7. Firda

    Please remember me?

  8. Firda

    Sigh. Definitely a server problem.

  9. You stinky thing! You’re not even creating a cookie at all! *shake fist*

  10. Firda

    Yet another cookie test!

  11. Firda

    Lookie lookie! I’m testing the cookie again!
    (Sorry for spamming, but your team of weblog engineers made me.)

  12. Firda

    Still no go. *sniff!*

  13. Firda

    Testing cookies, too.

  14. At your templates, locate a line that says:
    var HOST = ‘forestpirate.subtlehints.net’;
    And change that to:
    var HOST = ‘.subtlehints.net’;
    And it will work for you.

  15. Testing to see if it works now.

  16. Testing on an old message. Yeehaw!!!