The weekend is quickly coming to an end. I don’t want Monday to come tomorrow. My weekend was busy and fun. I curled at a funspiel on Saturday. I wasn’t initially suppose to be on the team but one of the original people couldn’t make it since her mother was ill and she wanted to be with her. We played three games and won the first one and lost the last two. The first game we won by a fair margin. I think the score was 7 to 3 or something like that. The second game that we lost the score was 6 to 5, and the third game was 5 to 4. We played really well and I thought my game improved quite a bit from the first two times I played.
Saturday night I helped out with Sean’s (also know as Smelder) radio show. I was planning on posting a reminder about the show but I forgot. Next time. The show was crazy. Myself, Sean and my housemate Shawn hung out, had a couple of beers and played some music. About a 1/3rd of the way through the show eigh or nine more of Sean’s friends showed up and the station was packed. It was fun. I have some pictures that I took early on of the station that I might post if Sean doesn’t mind, since he is in a couple of them.
This morning I went out for breakfast with Sean, Shawn and two of their friends Dave and Mary-Rose. The breakfast left me feeling queasy and greasy so we got home and didn’t do much for the rest of the afternoon. We went grocery shopping and then I came home and watched the Mel Brooks movie “Young Frankenstein”.
More eventful than most weekends. How was your weekend?

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  1. Smelder

    Go ahead.. let’s see ’em..

  2. They aren’t good by any extent of the imagination but I will try to get them up tomorrow.