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Hello everyone. Welcome to the new home and new look of Blue Goo Ate My Mom. I posted a while ago about Firda buying me the forestpirate.ca domain name for my birthday. On top of that she designed this fantastic layout that you see right now (she was getting bored of the old one). I believe most things are in working order. I have to update my about page and make my picture pages a little prettier but at least everything works as it should. If you stumble across something that doesn’t let me know (push the contact button on the navigation bar).
Once again I’d like to thank Firda for all the work she put into my site. Now go and hire her!!!!
P.S. Once again I ask anyone who is linked to me to change the link on their blog or web page. I know this is the second time in so many months. Thanks 🙂

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  1. Lucky7

    Sweet layout! Firda does an awesome job. 🙂

  2. Troy

    Testing the comments. Just a test.

  3. zee

    lovely layout! as always Firda’s work rocks. i’m thinking i will hire her. hmmm… :o)

  4. Angela

    Sweet! 🙂
    I’m not crazy about the feet though. Ew. Unless they’re baby feet.
    It looks great though!

  5. Firda

    They’re supposed to be the feet of the poor folks eaten by the Blue Goo, i.e. the upper parts of their bodies have already been eaten!!! 🙂

  6. nikki

    the site looks beautiful! good job firda! and troy, you might want to change your name to yort for awhile, just for fun.

  7. Aleta

    This is gorgeous! I really like the way the date shows up and the colors are perfect!

  8. SMooSH

    Fantastic design Firda.
    One of your best yet. 🙂
    And the content ain’t half bad either Troy. 😉

  9. Keith Fox

    Hi! I am a regular visitor to weblog wannabe, so I followed the link here. Your taste in music is awesome.

  10. Kirsi

    Wow, it looks amazing! And I like the blue a lot =)

  11. obigabu

    I like it, I like it, I like it…..way to go firda!!!! Looking good as always!

  12. Rebecca

    I like this layout very much. Great job Firda! (Except, in this comments window, the box for the comments is underneath the “remember info” section, not underneath the “comments:” section.

  13. Firda

    Hmm. What’s your browser? It looks fine in all browsers I tested it with (IE, Mozilla Firebird, Opera).

  14. Rakhesh

    Yup, a very wonderful design! Esp love the colors … way to go!! 🙂

  15. wren

    This is VERY nice. Me likes a lot!!