What I Kind of Understood Today



I thought I would let everyone know what I started to understand a little better today. As of today I have a little better understanding of ternary phase diagrams. Now the words themselves should not illict fear among you but below is a visual representation of one. (I’ve added it as an extended entry since I know it will screw up the layout for those using 640×480 resolution so hit the MORE… button if you want to see it)

Ternary Phase Diagram

Scary eh? I’m such a geek.

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  1. Troy

    I love it. Somedays I do indeed feel like that (but with a normal sized head) 🙂

  2. Kristen

    not a geek just an engineer :o). as a fellow engineer (electrical), i can understand! there is something thrilling about finally “getting it”.

  3. Troy

    It is sometimes a nice thing to understand something that the general public doesn’t. Though you know more about electricity and likely control systems than I ever will. Electrical was not one of my most favorite classes. Probably had to do with the professor, I’ll also blame him for the amount of stuff I didn’t learn in his class. 🙂