Where I Rattle on About the Weekend and See If I Can Make an Entry About It – November 2, 2008

Day 2. I still haven’t signed up for NaBloPoMoSloPiGoHoLoMo.
Firda and I finally had a weekend where we didn’t have plans. We like plans (especially those involving hanging out with friends) but it’s also nice to have a free weekend. And how did we spend it?
Staying up late and attempting to sleep in. That was pretty much it.
We did a little bit of driving around on Saturday – checking out some of our favorite book stores and giving Firda time to take pictures. We also stayed up until 2 am.
Sunday was a lazy day at home. We walked around in downtown Stratford for a little while. Got the film developed, watched a movie called Murder Party (as good as I thought it would be) and just hung out.
Now I’m tired. It’s suppose to be midnight but because of daylight savings times it’s only 11:00. Time for bed.

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