Why is my blog all funky now.
Test one.
Test two.
Test three.
Wonder if this fixed it.

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  1. Oh yah, forgot to tell you, by default, your blog will show the last few days of your entries, 7 days means from last Tuesday till this Tuesday.. This can be changed in your configuration, or you can hard code it in your Main Index Template at the <MTEntries> tag to say, your last 15 entries (provided they are short ones) <MTEntries lastn=”15″> , this snippet would fix unpleasant suprises

  2. Where in the world is the forest pirate?

  3. Perhaps his squirrel army has staged a revolt and siezed power. At this very moment they could be burying him in nuts and tickling him with their tails in hopes that he will crack and reveal the location of his island stronghold.
    I bet that’s exactly what’s happened. I have a fifth sense about this sort of thing…