Wii got a We!!! (Oh I mean We got a Wii!!!)
After two days of intensive research we managed to find a Wii. I picked one up from EBGames yesterday – they recieved 6 minutes before I walked through the door. I believe I was the first or second person to get one. Thankfully our search wasn’t too long or I may have ended up doing something drastic (i.e. buy one for 400 dollars on EBay).
We’ve been playing with the WiiSports game that came with the console and the WiiPlay games that came with an extra controller. We’ve also been playing with the online aspects of the system – I love the built-in Opera browser and all the additional functionality that people have invented. Such as additonal tabbed browsing support through WiiMinder or the internet music playlists through FineTune. I’m also enjoying setting the machine on Picture Slideshow and watching Firda’s pictures scroll through while listening to MP3s.
The only problem I have with the console is the lack of a dedicated music player. One where you can set up playlists, fast forward, rewind etc etc. You know the type of things Winamp can do.
I’m so very happy with the Wii. And I know that due to the popularity of the system we should expect some kick-ass games in the near future.
P.S. Firda loves the Wii as well.

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  1. Yay! Isn’t it awesome!
    I overdid it the first time I played with the Wii…I played for hours and was super-sore the next day. 🙂
    Glad you finally found one!

  2. After playing for the first time on Sunday I was sore in the forearms (mostly due to WiiSport Boxing and Super Monkey Ball).
    After playing with ours on Tuesday I did something with my shoulder (old injury) – likely due to WiiSports Golf or Tennis or Baseball.
    Though that didn’t keep me from playing on Wednesday.
    Plus I love the channels and the online capability.