Winning the Lottery

Interesting news story from the land known as Ontario.
A man just outside of Toronto won 4 million dollars. He goes into to pick up his winnings without photo identification proving he is who he says he is. The police officer who is located at the winnings office gets involved to prove his identify. They check through the police records (likely to check his license photo) and find out that this man has an outstanding warrant for a “failure to show” from a couple years ago. This man is arrested and sent to jail.
The good news he will likely have enough money for bail if it is offered.
This news story got me thinking what would I do if I won the lottery? Would I continue working full time? Would I buy a bigger house, faster car, new cottage?
One thing I know for certain. I would go back to school. Either start a new program or get my Ph.D. I often wonder if I should have continued my studies and went for a doctorate. Dr. T. How sweet would that have been?
What would you do with a couple million?

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  1. Invest to the point that I could sustain an income without working.
    Then, probably do work as I saw fit. Contract or something.
    Between contracts, long bouts of travelling and school.
    House? I wouldn’t need much more than what I have, but some nice upgrades or renovations perhaps.
    Who knows….

  2. Kim

    Develop an infomercial to find my cat!

  3. kaley

    Pay off student loans – pay back my parents … buy land. But then, I don’t play the lottery and there’s no sense yowling for the moon when I don’t have a candle (seriously – a saying I heard out east years ago…).

  4. i’m going to give you some topics to write about. ready?
    1. The Top 10 Things I Love About Firda
    2. Troy, Engineer Extraordinaire, or How I Became an Engineer
    3. Why Dumb Americans Should Just Adopt Our Healthcare System.
    4. Do Canadians Really Say, “Eh?”
    and go!

  5. Heh heh. #3 is funny 🙂 I have a post written I just don’t know how to end it. I have that issue. I always seem to end my posts abruptly. 🙂