Wonky Right Sidebar

The right sidebar isn’t treating me very well tonight. If you are using IE it seems to be okay as long as the browser is maximized. If you minimize it and then decrease the width of the window the sidebar will disappear to below the blog entries. From what I understand the site looks okay in Mozilla. I don’t have time tonight to play with this. If anyone has any ideas as to what can be done to resolve this let me know. Thanks, now I’m off to bed.

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  1. Your problem is probably due to the title that says (recent referrers for Blue.Goo)… Removing that might help, give it a try..

  2. After looking at your source code, I realized that something was missing for your recent referrers script. You need to add in &maxlen=25 (depends on the size of your sidebar) and I think it should resolve the problem. Hope that helps.

  3. Forgot about that…but it seems to make so much sense now, my page behaved quite wonkily (New word?) until I set the maximum length in the referrer script…
    Hope it works for ye Troy me boy…

  4. It should be fixed now. The maximum length thing seemed to fix it to a certain extent. It still moves to the bottom of the page if you close it too far. Does it looks good to everyone (other than the Mosaic problem with the banner)?

  5. firda

    um, no. it still falls down to the bottom in ie5.5.

  6. firda

    you might want to set the maxlen value to something smaller like 20.