Would it have been so wrong…

Last week at the University I was walking down a hallway going towards my office. I take this hallway most days but this day there were signs hung up down the length of the hallway that proclaimed “Quiet! Testing in Progress”. Why was this interesting? Because it was a give. It’s exam time at the University of Waterloo no one has to tell us. I eventually figured out that the Optometry board exams were taking place in classroom down that hall. This didn’t phase me. It’s not like I’m always running through the halls. Hell I haven’t done that since I was an undergrad 🙂
After the third day I realized my brain had been subconciously working on this revelation. It had come up with a hillarious scheme that if I went through with it could possible land me in a moderate amount of trouble. The scheme that had been concocted by my deliquent mind was to come in one more and as I was walking down the hall scream out “AHHHH MY EYES!!! I CAN’T SEE!! THEY BURN” and then run down the hall and possibly into the doors at the end of the hall (if anyone was watching). I just think that would have been hillarious. I would imagine the optometry students who were writing their “make or break” exam wouldn’t have found it that funny.
I didn’t do it. I respected their need to write in silence and then the week ended and they left. Though would it have really been so wrong to have done that?

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  1. It’s not wrong if it’s funny.
    … but I’m Machiavellian like that

  2. Firda

    I think you should live it up. Like Robin Williams character says in “Dead Poet Society” (a fine, fine movie), “Make your life extraordinary!” 🙂

  3. LOLOLOL It would have been hilarious.
    However, in two of my three exams, there have been moderate interruptions, and they are reallyannoying. Someone opened a fire door, and an alarm started going off. It’s funny to see a gym full of 300 students get uneasy and pissy, running on nothing but Tim Hortons.
    The other one, I was in our huge pavillion, 600 people, and some little kids at a nearby daycare centre came into the area, and were very very loud. Singing and marching, talking and laughing…I wish someone had told them to stop being so damned happy.