10.5 Second Story

Once upon a time there was a boy. This boy liked to watch too much TV. His mom would always say “Some day your brain is going to turn to goo from the radiation”. He dismissed this as silly mother talk. He is currently a patient at the “brain goo center for those with goo for brains from watching too much TV”.
The End
P.S. I know it was lame. I just thought I should post and I don’t have much to say. It may have been better if I hadn’t posted this message at all. You decide 🙂

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  1. More stories!!
    I miss Lermit… 😉

  2. Firda

    Tell me more! Tell me more! Did the goo eat the boy’s mom?

  3. Was the goo that is brain turned into blue? Did it end up eating his mother?