A Couple of the Things I Dislike About Survivor….

(1) During the tribal council I hate when they show the current jury members rolling their eyes. We know they hate the people who are still in the game.
(2) At tribal council when Jeff attempts to draws out the players dirty little secrets and when they bare all when asked. I mean don’t people understand that they need to keep their strategies secret? Idiots!
(3) When people are “plotting” with other players but they are doing it two meters away from where everyone else is. If you want to plot go for a walk and make sure you are five or ten minutes away from the camp before plotting. This may be something that occurs based on the restrictions put on the players by the producers.
(4) How every little change to the formate of the show is considered “ground-breaking” and/or “earth-shattering”. I don’t care if you merge the groups at 10 people or 6 people or even 2 people. It isn’t “ground-breaking” or “earth-shattering”. It isn’t either “feces-sampling”!!!
I do understand that a lot of these elements make for “good television”.

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