Bags of Milk

Here is a question that has boggled me for ages (but not enough to make me do any real research into the topic). Here in Canada we have something called bagged milk. Bagged milk is sold in packages with 3 bags with a total amount of 4 litres of the liquid. The bags have to be placed in a milk bag holder (that probably isn’t its technical name) so the milk can be poured. The illustration below may help with the visualisation:

Bags O' Milk

If there are any other places in the world that milk comes in bags please tell me!!! Maybe I will do some research of this tomorrow.
P.S. We can also buy cartons of milk (like the rest of the world) but most people buy it in the bag form.


  1. Hey, I was just reminiscing about bagged milk with a coworker and found your image on Google. I lived in Canada for 4 years and loved bagged milk. But yes, we used to have it in Minnesota for a while in the late 80’s. It just didn’t take off. I seem to think that the pitcher here was bigger and that there may have just been 2 bags instead of 3. Not sure. Anyway, thanks for helping me prove to my coworker that I wasn’t just making it up.

  2. hihi, i just came across your blog/journal while looking for info on neopets, and anyhow reading about baged milk, milk also comes in bags in some parts of south america, my father lives in colombia and they get there milk in bags there, and i think in a lot of other parts of south america and maybe central america

  3. WOW thanks soo much for talking about bagged milk because i love the song oh, canada by five iron frenzy but here in the US we dont have bagged milk and i’ve always wanted some so prooving that it was real was soo great thanks soo much

  4. Yeah, I spent the holidays in brazil last year and I saw it there it was konda weird because we dont have that in the US, also it wasn’t in the refrigerated section so I was always kinda scared to drink it because its really hot in brazil and warm milk that didn’t get warm on purpose is nasty!

  5. Guff: Your right. I spent many many hours photoshopping that picture so it looked like there was bagged milk. Oh wait a second. I’m not that much of a geek 🙂

  6. I didnt believe it when I heard most Americans have never seen or even heard of bagged milk. I had to look it up for one of my American friends, and I was appalled at the fact that Americans dont have bagged milk! How on EARTH can people live without it?!!

  7. I remember going to China several years ago and having personal-sized bags of milk. bagged milk isn’t that much of a novelty, only to people who have never been outside America, I suppose.

  8. As a Canadian expat, now living in Israel, I can tell you that I’ve given up the pleasure of snowy, cold winters, but I didn’t have to give up the convenience of milk that comes in bags, fresh from the farm.

  9. I live in Pennsylvannia, US and i actually work in a store that sells bagged milk. It is really cool and easy. there are two bags-each a half gallon, and the bags are placed in a pitcher where they are easy to pour. The price of our milk is lower because of the bags and the bags are more environmentally friendly. I love the bags.

  10. Bob: You can get them at any grocery/hardware/kitchen store in Canada. I’m sure you could do an internet search for milk bag pitchers or something like that and you should find something.

  11. Hahahahahahah that is by far the funniest thing that I have EVER seen. Thank you for sharing it with us. And in Maryland in the US we don’t have it.

  12. strangely enough I am looking up milk bags.I used to buy milk in bags back in the 80s and I am looking for picture of them, i hear they still do them in canada, strange as I am in england…….yes yes yes , i am not a freak and it wasn’t a dream, we did have milk in square bags…I win my bet!!!!

  13. We had bagged milk in our high school and middle school so that was around 1995-2000 in the USA. They were small packages, not the large kind and they taught us how to hold them with one hand and stab them with a pointy straw(thumb over the other end of the straw). They’re pretty cool and they’re less waste for the enviroment. I remember yummy chocolate milk in those pouches…

  14. A new Canadian movie called Sidekick features a character who learned of his telekinetic powers when he dropped some scissors while opening a bag of milk. Of course, the bagged-milk industry also produces little bag-opening devices that clip to the side of the bag holder. The openers are also magnetic so you can stick them on your fridge. As to the origin, I have no idea.

  15. milk bags are not only more environmentally friendly, they are much cleaner.. I find there is nothing more nasty than dried up milk on the edge of the carton or around the rim of the jug.. ewww. then it falls into your glass… gross. I had never realised that some ppl did not know what milk bags were.. oh boy. yay canada!

  16. No milk bags in Alberta? Figures. Goddamned right-wing Albertans – and that’s why. I knew it. You call yourselves Canadian? Americans with free health care. I’ll be watching you more closely from here on out…

  17. milk in a bag proves that canadians have nothing better to do then sit in your homes smoking blunts with your kids and think of retarded ideas like putting milk in a bag.

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