Bjork in Concert

I’m rested and ready to review the concert. As I’ve already said it was amazing. Imagine this. Bjork singing (with an occasional Bjork scream here and there), the Icelandic String Octet, a harpist/accordian/harpsichord player, the electronic stylings of Matmos and FIREWORKS! Just hearing Bjork sing in real life was amazing. She sounds just as good as she does on her albums (which is quite unusual what with all the voice modification done to artists nowadays) but added little twists and turns on songs that people knew and a couple that people probably didn’t. I was happy to hear “Scary” which isn’t on any of her full-length albums since I love the use of the harpsichord in it. The two finales (It’s In Our Hands leading into Pluto from the 1st set and Human Behaviour from the encore) were spectacular with the fireworks seemingly in time with the music, plus the amount of fireworks was phenomenal. The Olympic Island venue was a perfect setting for this grand spectacle with thanks to the weather gods for their co-operation (they were calling for thunderstorms early in the evening last night which happily didn’t happen). Sadly I didn’t get to see Kid Koala but I heard that his set was fantastic and that he was quite nervous (which he told the audience a couple of times). The other opening band Bonnie Prince Billy was pretty good as well but I didn’t pay much attention to it since I was chatting with people we bumped into.
Overall I’d say this was a great concert. The ticket price was rather steep (at 67.50 a head + Ticketmaster service charges) but I got what I paid for. I also wish it would have been longer. She did sing for about an hour and a half but I could have stayed there for another hour or two. All in all excellent!

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