Father’s Day Weekend

Happy belated Father’s Day weekend to all those fathers out there!
Another busy weekend for Firda and myself. Such a long tired weekend, but full of good times.
It started on Friday for me. I took the day off – not for any particular reason – I just needed a break from work.
Our friend Joe came up on Friday night to play board games and video games with us. We played one game of Ticket to Ride: Switzerland and two games of Carcassonne. The rest of the night was spent playing Prototype for the XBOX360.
Saturday we spent the afternoon and evening with friends at a Bar-B-Q. Great food and great company. Ended the night playing cards and got home later than we hoped but it was all good.
Sunday was Father’s Day. Firda and I rushed home in the morning to take my parents and family friends out for brunch. The rest of the day my dad, my brother and I spent tearing down a tobacco kiln (to collect the wood for a future construction project). The day ended with dinner at my parents.
The work caught up with me today. My body isn’t super sore but it’s achy. My body usually waits two days before the full aches and pains decide to rear their heads. More pain medicine tomorrow!

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