A while back I posted about a site that Eric posted having to do with a petition to “Reveal the Caramilk Secret“.
About a week ago I was going through the recent comments and it seems the proprietor of the site stumbled across my post and left a comment. For those Canadians who read this site you may recall the three Carmilk TV ads where this person is attempting to reveal the secret but is thwarted eveytime by falling letters, hanging ninjas and running pigs.
The comment he left is as follows:
“it is not cadbury! it is i! who is i? i cannot tell you… or they will hit me with another letter. or a ninja. or some pigs.
ps thanks for the… how you say?… “props”…
Posted by at June 17, 2002 07:15 PM ”
I have to say I love this ad campaign 🙂


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