A quick question for those of you who have significant others that snore. How do you handle it? Firda snores a little, as do I. It really shouldn’t bug me (and probably wouldn’t bug a normal person) but I tend to have difficulty falling asleep unless everything is either 100% quiet or there is some kind of white noise type background noise going on. For the past couple of years I’ve been sleeping with the sound of either a fan, a heater or a humidifer to keep my sleep comforting and consistent.
I just want to see what those of you who are like me have done and are doing. Thanks. Now back to bed to try and sleep.
P.S. Firda doesn’t snore that loud or all the time. I’m just sensitive I guess.


  1. Ermmm… ear plugs? I guess I’m lucky. Mr. Hed doesn’t really snore. But damn. My mom used to keep me awake all the way across the house. I feel so sorry for my dad.
    I’ve heard the hug’n’roll thing works pretty well. You hug, then you roll them over, and they either wake up and bop you on the head, or they roll over and stop snoring.
    Yeah… good luck with all that.

  2. I tap Smoosh on the head so he’ll turn his head, but if I can get him on his side it’s the best. I find that light snorer’s don’t snore when they are on there side.
    I once punched him in his face when I was sleeping though…

  3. fun times. When I can’t sleep, husband is snoring up a storm. When he can’t sleep, I’m snoring up a storm. Pushing, pinching, kicking, tapping all works well to get them to stop for maybe 2 minutes. Its a constant struggle and both of us are too stubborn to leave and sleep in the other room.

  4. My husband snores when he’s on his back so I get him to roll on his side . Those nasal strips work really well too. But you better watch out because it could be a sign of sleep apnea. His brother has that and has to sleep with an oxygen mask.

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