Tardy The Turtle

In the past 24 hours I’ve been hit by dozens of searches for everyone’s favorite Greg the Bunny character “Tardy the Turtle”. It appears that if you search for that particular phrase on Google I’m the only result. If you don’t put it in parantheses I end up being the second result. I feel special.
I’m also way up the list for “aked-nay om-may” (in pig latin). I still don’t understand why there are so many people looking for that.


  1. tardy the turtle is the coolest thing ever! he is my leader and spiritual guru.
    Caryons taste like purple! i have a belly button, im gonna sing the queit song, dumsticks are also chicken!!!

  2. Tardy is the most precious character ever. Seeing his facial expression to his own reflection – it’s a TURTLE – doesn’t get any cuter than that.

  3. tardy is my spiritual god he leads the way for all his followers he is by far the most intelligent turtle to walk the face of the earth he has guided the way with his magical words of wisdome with the frases such as “crayons taste like purple” “ice creem gos in the fweezer” “drum sticks can also be chicken” “im a rock star” ” im not upposed to do dis” “im strong now” “i made a smelly in my shelly” “its loude in here jimmy” “pwetzuuuuuuuuullllllllllsssssssss” ” he said eventually” ” iamsinging the quiet songg…” the green ones make me horny” “were dead gill” “im scarred jimmy” (jimmy) dont wory tardy you have a canalope ” oh oh ifeel betta now” and ending his magical frazes with his wounder full squeek he pearses the ears or the crank yanker fools god speed tardy god speed youre loil and trusting fan for life nick g*****s t.t.k for life (tardy turtle klan) and for annyone loial enought to tardy e-mail me abought join the t.t.k… HHHeEeeeEEee… p.s: withe the guidence of suzens magical fraze “scotch guard” tardy will eventually rule the univers revalving as the sinter of our atomousphere making him our one and only true god… (tardy is youre god and you know it you crank yankers!!!!)

  4. Tardy once said, “Crayons taste like purple, Heeeeeee!”
    I know that when everyone one saw and heard that, we all held our breath, and knew, at that instinct, that Tardy, would lead us through the darkness, to laughter, crying, and the triumph of the retarded turtle’s heart.
    Now, let us all vast in Tardy’s wonderful warmth of laughter as he leads us through life, looking toward the future of more Tardy funnies that he will say…
    Just listen to Tardy, and u will believe…
    “Tardy is the Man. Never doubt it for a second. We will all go on, to hear and see Tardy once more – for he is the funniest turtle ever to know, or be discovered by man.”
    – Jesse Piraino, Tardy’s #1 fan for life. TTK (Tardy Turtle Klan) for life!
    P.S. I am in association with Nick G*****s…
    If you would like to know more about Tardy, and his spiritual words of wisdom, just email, we can chat about how Tardy has changed our life for the better.

  5. Tardy is the coolest thing since chocolate has been going in the freezer. At school my friends call me Turtle Boy but now they call me Tardy the Turtle. TARDY THE TURTLE ROCKS and should have his own show.

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