A Post from Indiana

I’m typing this email from my hotel room in Indiana. I’m staying at a Holiday Inn Express and they have free wifi high speed internet so I can post this message for my adoring public.
So I had some work to do at a place in Churubusco, Indiana, which I discovered is “Turtle Town, U.S.A”.
So I’ve been up since 3:40 am this morning. The drive down took about seven and a half hours, though I stopped for breakfast at a Denny’s just before Toledo, Ohio and needed to gas up at one point, adding about 3/4 of an hour to the drive. The stupidest part of the day was when I planned on taking the Lansing to Fort Wayne route, but ended up taking the Detroit, Toledo, Fort Wayne route. I know I was really really tired because I didn’t realize I was on my way to Detroit until I was 28 miles away from it.
Everything worked out and I got into Churubosco around 11 am. Did my work and headed to the hotel. Along the way I stopped at a couple “American” garage sales. From the four I’ve been to one difference I’ve noticed is that Americans think they’re crap is worth more than Canadians. There were a lot of outrageous prices. I only picked up two books.
The first thing I did after checking into the hotel was booting my computer up and getting my email. I sent emails to my work (to let them know I’m in one piece) and Firda (to let her know I’m in one peice). This is the first time we’ve been apart overnight for a long time.
Well this post isn’t making much sense. It’s very disjointed. I think I am going to lay down for a while.

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  1. i have a friend from that town.