Absentee Blogger

I have to apologize to all those people who still check my blog on a semi-regular basis. I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting much. There are things in my life that have been keeping my attention. All of my brain has been occupied with these things. If I posted the thoughts that have been flying around in my brain there would probably be enough stuff to keep you all amused for weeks. Well maybe not amused but at least there would be something to read. I also pondered going on hiatus for a while. It seems that is what all the cool bloggers do when there life/minds are busy or confusing. Until I sort out what’s going on you will have too bare with me. Thanks for your patience 🙂

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  1. Come back when you can. We’ll be here. 🙂

  2. “you will have to bare with me”
    You want us to get nekkid with you?

  3. Am

    Troy, it’s been a looong time since I visited, and I just *love* the new look! Yes, you’re right about bloggers going on hiatus when they’re busy ‘n’ all. But shouldn’t they? After all, real life is the most important… the occasional update every now n then to just let everybody know you’re “still in the running” is good enough! Good luck with your sorting! Btw, busy periods give me a “rush” (a positive one that is!) that sometimes helps stimulate me on to greater things. So they’re not all negative. While there’s added stress at least (for me) I know I’m growing from the experience of dealing with it all. =D

  4. Am

    Oh yeah, btw, I forgot to say, “Stay SARS-free!” Take care! S’pore’s out of the WHO list of affected countries; hopefully other countries will soon follow suit… but it’s important to remember to not get complacent.

  5. OMG. Real life getting in the way of blogging?! Post some of those crazy thoughts for us to read sometime.

  6. I will bare it with you, all right