I’m mad at Americans right now. Not all of them, just the jerks. Yesterday the U.S. Ambassador to Canada had to gall to say “There is no security threat to Canada that the United States would not be ready, willing and able to help with. There would be no debate. There would be no hesitation. We would be there for Canada

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  1. “the Americans claim they are fighting for democracy in Iraq but when a democratic nation like Canada uses it’s freedom to say that we don’t want to get involved in this war the Americans slander us for not fully supporting them.”
    Good call…

  2. I don’t believe that either country is completely innocent in this. I believe that the news channels play up this stuff for dramatics. Sadly, both countries are on the losing side because of it.

  3. I think it’s pretty funny though. From what I understand this is the most exposure Canada has gotten on American news in years. The rest of the time your news networks just ignore us. I guess it’s the whole patriotism thing. If your not whole heartedly supporting this war you are against America. I don’t buy it.