Back from the Holidays

Hey everyone. Firda and I are back from the holidays (which you’d already know if you read Firda’s blog). I don’t have much to say about the Earthquake in Southeast Asia. Everyone I know who lives there or was travelling there is safe and sound. Firda’s family is okay. Nit, Wari and Aliya are okay since Singapore was protected by Malaysia and Sumatra. Sharon is also okay since she just posted a message today.
I’m thankful that everyone I know (either personally or through the internet) is okay. I can’t imagine what is going on in the countries affected by the earthquake. If I was the praying kind of person I would be doing that for them. People are resilient though. They will clean up, rebuild, mourn and eventually heal. That is what we do. We continue on. This tragedy will never be forgotten but the wounds caused by it will eventually heal.
I’ll post more about my holidays at a later date since now doesn’t seem like the appropriate time.

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