Back from the Honeymoon

Firda and I are back from our Maritimes honeymoon. We’ve actually been back since Friday at midnight but didn’t want to post. Posting about the end of the honeymoon would have made it offical.
I won’t bore you with the details since Firda will likely have a much more interesting post for everyone at some point in the near future. I know she is putting up pictures of our trip as we speak.
We ended up driving over 5000 kilometers during our travels. We stayed in New Brunswick two nights (though spent most of the time driving through the province), spent more than a week in Nova Scotia, spent almost three days in Prince Edward Island (PEI) and one night in Quebec City, before heading home.
I must say that my favorite province by far was Nova Scotia. Not just because we got to spend time with our friends Amy and Ryan in Halifax but because of the always changing landscape. It was just a nice province to drive through (except for the major highways which were very very boring to drive on). PEI use to be my favorite but I realize now that it is more for family vacations, with all the beautiful beaches and amusement facilities. I still love PEI and we will be sure to take our family there once Firda and I start having little ones 🙂 We didn’t really spend much time in New Brunswick. We were either eager to get out to the sea or eager to get home, meaning we didn’t get to see much of the province.
I know it was very rushed vacation but I think we both had a good time. Firda has probably seen more of Canada than a lot of Canadians have. I could go into specifics but I will leave that up to my lovely wife.

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  1. Ok, now that the honeymoon’s over, time to start a family! Have some kids so Ms. Ladybug has someone to play with, and Mr. Hed and I will come up there and rent a beach house or something in Nova. Oh, it’ll be a grand time!
    Just kidding…
    I just remember the pressure they all put on us as soon as we got back from the honeymoon. Fun to chide.
    The beach house thing, on the other hand… we are due for a vacation at some point in the near future! Oh, the photos I could take in Nova! And it would be fun to meet you guys… of course. Firda cracks me up every time I read her site.

  2. Laura

    Glad you’re back safe and sound, and it sounds like you two had a lovely time.

  3. sharon

    welcome back!

  4. Hed: I think the starting of the family is still a couple of years away. There’s only been good nature jibbing from my family regarding children (usually my brother and I telling the other to have kids first).
    As for the beach vacation it’s a great place for that. Even Nova Scotia has nice sandy beaches. Though it is the Atlantic ocean and rather chilly.
    As for meeting you and your family. Anytime your in the Waterloo area just let us know. 🙂 We’d either get along famously or have heated debates and want to rip each others eyes out (I’m thinking more toward the famously part) 🙂
    Laura and Sharon: Thanks for the welcomes back.