Canada Wins Hockey Gold (x2)

The Canadians won the gold medal in Mens Hockey earlier today. The final score was 5 goals for Canada and 2 for the USA. I know a lot of you are probably thinking “So what? It’s just a game”. To really understand you would have to be Canadian. This ends a 50 year hockey gold medaldrought for the Canadians. The celebrations that are going on all across the country and Canadians are showing their patriotism (which we don’t do very often).
The final medal tally for Canada is 17 medals, 6 Gold – 3 Silver – 8 Bronze, which puts us in fourth place overall. We ended up getting 2 of those golds and 2 of the bronze medals yesterday in speed skating which is the most medals we’ve ever won in one day. Also 17 medals is the most Canada has ever come away with for the Winter Olympics.
The Olympics were a nice morale booster for Canada and the world in general. Now hopefully the world economy will pick up and everything will be good with the world once again. Not that that will ever happen 🙂

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